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BOT model


Build-Operate-Transfer model enables customers to rapidly start offshore operations and later transfer the offshore development center as their own subsidiary/captive center. This model helps clients to set up their offshore delivery center (ODC) by developing and ramping up the required resources with the necessary skillset, to own exclusive teams and facilities, so as to quickly start with the development work, even without the registration of client’s subsidiary in India.  

The Build-Operate-Transfer model offers an attractive engagement model by reducing ‘in-country’ challenges for clients, wherein business risks are mitigated.

In this model we build, operate and transfer an ODC to our client.

BOT – ODC model benefits:

  •    Faster Time to engagement and starting operation

  •    Risk Reduction

  •    Flexibility

  •    Local Laws and Customs

  •    Process Expertise

B.O.T Adv1.png
B.O.T Adv2.png
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